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Professional Make-Up Artist


Cory has make-up experience in fashion, print, runway, theater, international campaigns and film . His attention to detail and eye for beauty is lauded in the industry, where he creates timeless looks for his clients.

   In addition to his styling resume, Cory has over thirteen years of experience in the general beauty industry. Working with reputable plastic surgeons and as a former Spa Director, he understands a client's needs like no other artist. Cory specializes in bringing out the natural beauty of every client insuring they will look their best in person and on stage.

  He has training with several make-up lines and loves sharing his knowledge while instructing to help clients learn how to recreate their perfect look: in an educational, comprehensive, fun environment. 

 In addition to a full line of make-up that Cory has available for purchase he designs personalized pageant make-up kits for Gowns and Crowns clients. He looks forward to seeing you soon, for your brush with beauty!

Please call 864-561-7744 for your appointment.

Cory: Services
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